At school other kids had debit cards but weren’t conscious of what they were spending and had no idea of how to manage money.  They weren’t aware of what they had and couldn’t manage their money without their parent’s help. We got a really good base on that.  And once I got to college it’s amazing to have that knowledge especially in comparison to my friends. It makes a big difference.

Scott - 22

In middle school, it was cool because I had so much more money than everyone else since I knew how to manage it better. There have been a lot of things that I’ve learned and it’s helped me through high school like not spending money on lunch everyday just every other day, it’s a choice. And, It’s definitely something I’ll do with my own kids because it’s been a huge advantage.

Tyler - 18

When I was younger I didn’t have to ask my dad for money and that gave me more confidence because I have more control over my life. I’ve wanted to be a doctor. . . since I was 7 and now I have more strategies to use to pay for it such as how to reduce costs and manage scholarship opportunities. It’s been really helpful because I can afford to do things, and not stress about having enough money.

Nicole - 20